So you're interested in rushing a fraternity, but you don't know where to start? We will try to provide you with all the information you need in order to make rushing as least intimidating as possible.


The Rush Process

For you, the rush process simply involves getting to know some of the brothers and having some of the brothers get to know you. The easiest way to do this is to come to any of our recruitment events. These events are of no cost to you. Just come out, have a good time, and meet some of the brothers.


The Bid

After we get to know you well enough, feel that you meet the requirements for becoming a member of our chapter, and feel that Alpha Sigma Phi is the right fit for you, we will present you with a bid. After you have been given your bid, you can either accept, decline, or defer if you are unsure.


If you choose to defer your decision, you will have until the next upcoming bid day to officially accept or decline your bid. Deciding to decline your bid will not prevent you from being able to receive another bid in the future, should you change your mind. If you end up accepting a bid from another fraternity, but then later decide that Alph Sig is the right fit for you, you'll unfortunately have to wait one year before we can give you a bid.


Let's say you accept your bid from ΑΣΦ. Now what? What does it mean? Once you accept your bid, you will get to attend bid night. This will be your chance to get onstage, announce that you are joining an amazing organization, and hear the uproar of your future brothers celebrate in your honor. Shortly after bid night, you will go through our pinning ceremony. Once you have been pinned, you will officially be a pledge of Alpha Sigma Phi.


New Member Education

After becoming a pledge, you will go through our eight-week New Member Education Program. This program is designed to teach you everything you need to know about the history and traditions of Alpha Sigma Phi. Don't worry, the program will not interfere with your class work at all. At the end of the eight weeks there will be a short test. Upon passing the test, you will be invited to initiation. After going through initiation, you will become a full member of Alpha Sigma Phi.


If you have any additional questions or concerns about the recruitment process, please contact our Recruitment Director, Torence Whitherspoon, at (269) 240-5293.

Why Our Brothers Rushed

Becoming a Brother of a fraternity allowed me to collaborate with a wide range of other undergrads who had a wide range of perspectives and experiences, both similar and different from my own. Our fraternities values emphasized how I wanted to be as an individual and the brotherhood helped me accomplish personal growth, as well as allowing me to help others grow.

Brandon Thrall
Brandon Thrall Rushed Winter 2013 - Alpha Pi Class

“I rushed Alph Sig to build my resume and become actively involved in the community. It was something I never really did in high school, and I felt that it was time that I gave back.

I gained valuable leadership experience, such as learning the difficulty of implementing new processes. I also learn how to be a mentor and give guidance to help others think creatively and throughly. The one thing I never expected was how I feel so connected to the fraternity and every member. It really helped sculpt me into being the man I am today. I am proud to be an Alph Sig.”

Ryan Kaiser
Ryan Kaiser Rushed Winter 2013 - Alpha Pi Class

“I rushed Alpha Sigma Phi because I wanted a brotherhood that would always have my back and be there for me no matter what. What I have received out of it is so much more than I expected.

By joining Alpha Sigma Phi I’ve received lifelong friendships and a family away from home. When I need someone to talk to I can always count on a brother to be there for me. If I need help with school or something else there is always at least one brother willing to drop what they’re doing to help me out.”

Devin Stennett
Devin Stennett Rushed Winter 2015 - Alpha Upsilon Class

“I rushed Alph Sig because I found a place that felt like home & friends that felt like family. I soon realized that it gave me an opportunity to grow socially, culturally, academically, and professionally. This brotherhood has become my rock and always a place I can come home to. I have found my best friends and the men that will stand up at my wedding most of all I found my brothers.”

Torence Witherspoon
Torence Witherspoon Rushed Fall 2015 - Alpha Phi Class

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